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Fullsuit: Head, hands, feel, tail, body


A fullsuit consists of all the above parts, and can also be worn as a partial if desired. All fullsuits require a duct tape dummy (DTD) before work on your bodysuit can begin.


Fullsuits start at $1750 and prices vary based on many factors, including the complexity of the design and options requested.

Partial: Head, hands, feet, tail


Partials consist of the above parts, but may also include sleeves that are held up by elastic or pinned to an undershirt, and/or legs attached to a pair of shorts (3/4 partial). These are generally the easiest to wear for long periods of time due to the cooler clothing the fursuiter can wear compared to a fullsuit.


Prices start at $1,000 for partials and $1300 for 3/4 partials.



We proudly use DVC resin bases and foam heads and are comfortable modifying them for any project. All heads are built on a comfortable and lightweight balaclava base.


Available options are slightly different for foam and resin bases, though both types of heads may choose 2D or 3D eyes. The resin bases offer much better responsiveness for moving jaws, and are better suited for toony or more realistic designs.


Prices start at $750



Tail prices vary based on the size and complexity. Tails can be stuffed with polyfil or have a carved foam core, depending on the needs of the character design.


All tails have a doubled beltloop to help keep them in place on your belt. Medium tails, like the one pictured, and larger tails will also have a hidden zipper in case the stuffing or foam ever needs to be removed or replaced.


Tails start at $35 for small critters (deer, bunnies), $75 for medium (felines, canines), and please contact us for pricing on large tails.


Pictures coming soon!



Available in hoof, 3-, 4-, or 5- finger design, fleece or silicone pawpads, soft or resin claws.


Hands start at $150


























Available with parade soles or the bottoms can be left fuzzy to show off those pawpads. All of our feetpaws are built on comfortable sneakers and offer soft or resin claws. Fuzzy-bottomed feetpaws can choose to have silicone, fleece, or vinyl pawpads.


Feet start at $100






Bodysuit options include zipper location, digitigrade VS plantigrade, tail attachment (permanent or removeable), overall body fit, and more.


Bodysuits start at $500

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