Offering custom embroidery work since 2017!

In late 2017, we added the above beast to our shop. A Melco Amaya with 16 needles of fury and a top speed of 1,500 stitches per minute! With a sewing field of roughly 16" x 16", we're happy to embroider anything from a shirt pocket to large laundry bags and even jackets.

We are planning to do hats in the future as well, but can not embroider onto them at this time. Sorry for any inconvenience.

Some of the things we're currently offering:

Have a favorite piece of art and want it as a patch or embroidered onto a bag, pouch, bandanna, snap tab, etc? No problem! Some designs work better than others but we're happy to work with you. Flat colored art tends to work best when translated to thread.

Snap Tabs                                                                    Monogramming

Patches                                                                                   Bandanas

Lanyards                                                                                          Lace

And so much more!

We're currently working on generating a catalogue of available designs to have at conventions with us.


If there's something specific you're interested in, please send an email or submit a quote request and we'll be happy to see what types of designs we have access to that you may like. We're also happy to work with an artist of your choosing to create artwork that you love and that will translate into embroidery.

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